Sunday, March 12, 2023

A response to one of my Megillah-reading questions

A few days ago, I posted question this question on Facebook:  I was once told that the entire Megillat Esther must be read by one person only, and that it's forbidden to give explanations between chapters.  Is this true? If so, kindly explain.  As far as I know, every aliyah of a Torah reading can be read by a different leiner (chanter), and rabbis and others have been known to comment between aliyot. So why should a book from Ketuvim ("Writings") be treated as if it's even more sacred than the Torah ("Five Books of Moses")?
I was looking through old emails when I found this.
"From this, we can conclude that educational comments are permitted, especially if they are done between the various chapters of the megillah. While this may not be appropriate for every community, those who might benefit from it should not see it as halachically inappropriate. If it is to be done, it is a good idea to tell all those listening to the megillah that they should not speak while it is read and must be careful to hear every word."


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